Tips for success in court with your eviction case:

Sometimes the little things make a big difference.

If you find yourself having to go to court over an eviction, these four little tips can give your case an edge in a big way. 

Justice will be served in eviction case...

Justice will be served in eviction case…

1. Give yourself plenty of time 

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your hearing is supposed to start. Allow plenty of time for parking and locating your courtroom. Better yet, try to get there 25-30 minutes before your start time. No sense adding to the stress by running behind.

2. Dress for court

This isn’t a time to show up in jeans and sneakers or casual attire. Wear professional attire. It doesn’t have to be a tuxedo, but dressing nicely is a sign of respect to the court…and the judge who will be deciding your case.

3. Be Prepared with supporting eviction documents

If you’ve gotten to the point of eviction, you should have a paper trail that supports your case. Include copies of anything you’ve mailed or emailed to your tenant, records of phone calls, notes, receipts, etc.

4. Indicate your presence

At some point, the judge will call your case. Be ready to stand (another show of respect) and state your presence. Now isn’t a time to be quiet or shy. You’re there for a reason. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get your case resolved quickly and move forward.

We hope these common sense tips give you an edge with your upcoming eviction hearing. Click the link for more information about reporting evictions to the credit bureaus.


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