Rental 1 Format

Metro 2 FormatTrans Union has created a new credit reporting format called Rental 1 for reporting rental data to the credit bureaus. The format is similar to the Metro 2 Format with the exception of a few new fields and codes. Accounts reported in the new Rental 1 Format will appear on the consumer credit report just like all other tradelines.

This is great news for property owners and managers who have been waiting years for the ability to report their tenant’s rental payment history on their personal credit report. Not only can property owners and managers report positive rental payment history and help build their renter’s credit, but they can also report delinquent payments to help in their collection efforts. And keep in mind, the mere ability to report credit has shown to reduce delinquencies by as much as 30% in some industries.

Those who rent also stand to benefit as their positive rental history will now show on their personal credit report. For those who are young or in the process of rebuilding their credit, this will be an essential part in helping them establish a positive credit profile.

If you are a property owner or manager, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (425) 780-4530 or by email at to begin reporting your rental data to the credit bureaus.

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