The importance of reporting evictions

Get justice by reporting evictions

Get justice by reporting evictions

If you’re a property manager or owner, you probably know…one of your biggest frustrations is a resident who doesn’t pay their rent. Sometimes they’re just late, sometimes they skip out on their lease. And sometimes you end up filing for and reporting evictions. Regardless of the outcome, the longer it goes on, the more costly, frustrating and time-consuming it can be.

Our evermore interconnected world…

As our world becomes more connected and more data-driven, one avenue of recourse is to make sure their poor payment track record shows up on their credit report in the future. 

One way to do that is to report your evictions and skips to the credit bureaus. This will impact the delinquent tenant’s credit score and will also ensure it shows up on future tenant screening reports. 

(Since we’re not providing legal advice here, please take time to review tenant laws in your state and get your advice from a local attorney.)

The idea here is a win-win. Tenants will be encouraged to pay back the debt they owe you in order to obtain future credit or rental housing, and their future property manager won’t have to deal with the same costly headaches of non-payment.

Obviously, the more property managers and owners reporting evictions and  rental payment data to the bureaus, the better chance you’ll have of finding quality residents in the screening process.

So…if you’ve gone through the process of filing an eviction; and you’ve [reported it to the credit bureaus: Link] – what if you have to go to court for the eviction? Well, check out our post: Tips for Success in Court with Your Eviction Case.


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