Property owner, reporting rental payment history

You don’t have to be a property manager with 500 units or more to benefit from reporting rental payment history data. Datalinx works with independent rental owners, individual landlords and property managers. We help them realize the same benefits as large apartment owners currently enjoy.

Once you sign up for our rental payment reporting service, you can expect to reduce late payments, evictions and bad debt. Our service encourages your residents to pay on time, every month. 

They’ll know that late payments, missed payments and evictions will show up on their credit reports. This will affect their ability to get a credit card, finance a car, or even rent elsewhere down the road. Their on-time payments will impact their credit score in a positive way. Reporting rental payments provides your residents an incentive to pay on time, and stay longer.

Is Reporting Rental Payment History Good For The Bottom Line?

Your cash flow will be more steady, and your risk of having to chase down bad debt will be reduced. You’ll be improving your business in a way that benefits your residents’ credit. They’ll be able to build their credit history. Your property will stand out from your competitors as the ‘go-to’ place to rent and build credit.

All you need to do to get started is fill out the short form on the right, we’ll be in touch.

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