Find Out Which Bills Affect Your Credit Rating

Here’s the facts about your credit rating: Everything you don’t know can hurt it, and there’s some confusion about what can cause the pain. A 2015 TransUnion survey asked consumers whether they thought that a few common bills are frequently reported to the major credit reporting agencies: Experion, Equifax and/or Transunion. The data came from […]

How Can Landlords Report Late Rent into Credit Reports?

As a landlord or property manager, tenant rental payments can function as an extra source of income. Unfortunately, not all tenants make their lease payments on time. You may wish to have those late payments appear on the renter’s credit report when this occurs. You have to take certain steps before it is possible to […]

How Does a Business Report to the Credit Bureaus?

The three major credit-reporting agencies — Experian, TransUnion and Equifax — gather credit information about consumers. To assist in the gathering of this information, companies can keep track of customer account activities and report to the credit bureaus. In turn, they let consumers request a copy of their credit report. Banks and other lenders use […]

How To Report Adverse Credit To The Bureaus

If you’re a creditor or a landlord and you have a customer who is delinquent on an obligation, you can take action. Among the best methods to provoke a reaction and get a payment from a delinquent client will be to report adverse credit to the credit reporting agencies — Trans Union, Experian and Equifax. […]


You don’t have to be a property manager with 500 units or more to benefit from reporting rental payment history data. Datalinx works with independent rental owners, individual landlords and property managers. We help them realize the same benefits as large apartment owners currently enjoy. Once you sign up for our rental payment reporting service, […]


Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? The thing about getting credit if you’re a small business is this: You can’t get credit history unless someone gives you credit. And you can’t get credit unless you have credit history. We know this personally because we’re a small business. We know many other small business […]

Student Loans and Your Mental Health

People stress out about all sorts of things. Money is a common stressor. Student loans, well, the stress of paying those back, especially for recent graduates, can take a psychological and physical toll. If you find yourself in the position of needing to report student loan debt, keep this in mind. And consider passing along […]


Datalinx is one of the nation’s leading providers of rental payment history information to the credit bureaus. We help property owners and property managers in the multifamily industry benefit from reporting rental payment data. There are two ways you as a property manager or owner can benefit from the power of rental payment reporting: By […]

How can Datalinx help Americans who are struggling financially?

Did you know, nearly 138 million American adults are struggling financially?* How about this? 43% of Americans struggle to pay their credit obligations and other bills. – Center for Financial Services Innovation Obviously, there are many factors at work here: stagnant incomes, rising costs of living, a growing economic divide, etc. It would be easy […]

Engage Your Residents This Halloween

Fun Halloween Ideas For Property Managers As a property manager, you don’t have to do anything to engage your residents at Halloween, or any time during the year. However, many of your residents are paying a premium to live there – and little things can go a long way toward keeping them happy. Building a […]

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