How To Report Credit

While each bureau has their own set of requirements for credit reporting, the process for being approved is very much the same. First, you must become a Data Furnisher which requires going through a verification process known as Credentialing. Generally the credentialing process includes the following items: •Filling out a membership application with the bureau […]

Furnishing Consumer Credit Data to the Credit Bureaus

A Seamless Way to Supply Consumer Credit Data By sharing consumer credit data with the credit bureaus you play a critical role in helping develop a more comprehensive and current picture of a consumer’s credit situation which can be used to drive more well-informed lending and credit decisions. Contributing data is a simple and seamless […]

Realize the power of rental payment data

Help your residents realize the power of rental payment data by reporting their rent payments to the credit bureaus. Property owners and managers can help residents of almost any age build their credit history. Not only does it help those just starting out by helping them establish a credit profile, but it also helps those […]

Benefits Of Reporting Commercial Credit

As you are getting started in your business, you can use your personal credit for the business. However, establishing credit with a credit reporting service, in the name of the business, is very important. Business credit reports compare the stability of a business to similar businesses participating in the credit reporting service. Businesses involved in […]

Increase Your Rental Debt Recovery

By reporting rent payments to the credit bureaus you help increase your rental debt recovery. First, by reporting your rent payments to the credit bureaus you help prioritize them above other financial obligations your tenants may have that are not being reporting. Second, you offer them a sort of hammer-shaped carrot for making their payments […]

How To Report Rental Data

Similar to reporting credit, you can now report rental data to the credit bureaus and have it appear on the consumer credit report as a regular tradeline. Trans Union is the first bureau to begin offering this service (see article below) and have partnered with Datalinx, LLC  to help their customers convert their data into […]

How To Report Commercial Credit

Most of the national credit bureaus have a commercial credit database, in addition to their consumer database. While Dunn and Bradstreet is commonly thought of as the main commercial credit repository, Equifax and Experian are major players in the space. Lexis-Nexis also has a large presence in this area and is an approved repository for […]

Rental 1 Format

Trans Union has created a new credit reporting format called Rental 1 for reporting rental data to the credit bureaus. The format is similar to the Metro 2 Format with the exception of a few new fields and codes. Accounts reported in the new Rental 1 Format will appear on the consumer credit report just […]

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